Soulful Cars & Driving

We are dedicated to individual classic cars & historic race cars.
Driven on the road to reflect & recover or on the race track to brainwash & refocus.
We love Porsche & BMW and provide as many information with the cars as possible.
To understand their Meaning & Soul and to learn from Heritage.
We bring the vintage car culture together.
To share our enthusiasm in special events, relaxing and racing.

Stefano  &  Olivia



Hockenheim Trackday 03/2021
Racing Porsche 911 ST Mexico Blue
Hockenheim FHR HEC 2021
Racing BMW 2002 TI
Nürburgring GP Trackday 03/2019 with Claudia Hürtgen
Racing Porsche 911 ST Mexico Blue
Zandvoort Historic Grand Prix 09/2019
Racing Porsche 911 ST Mexico Blue
Modena Cento Ore 2021
Racing Porsche 911 ST Floyd&Green
Modena Cento Ore 2019
Racing Porsche 911 ST
Redbull Ring Trackday 05/2019 Munich Gentleman Drivers
Racing Porsche 911 ST Mexico Blue
Nordschleife Langstrecken Serie, 4h-Race No. 1, 03/2022
Racing BMW 330i VT2 (F30)
Donnington Circuit Trackday 08/2022
Racing Mustang 350 GT
Le Mans Classic 2023
Racing Porsche 911 ST Marks München Team
XMas-Tree-Trip 2021
BMW 2002 Reviera Blue
Flitzer Harz IV Tour 2022
Porsche 356 Irish Green
Noveno and Luisa in Kerschlach
Porsche 356 Irish Green